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Galaxy Bud3 Pro Global (IN STOCK)

$ 249


Galaxy AI is here for your all-new Galaxy Buds3 Pro

Redefine your listening experience. Hear each note in crystal-clear clarity, with 24-bit CODEC. Minimise distortion with our first-ever, dual amp on Galaxy Buds. Capture a high range of intricate details with enhanced 2-way speaker — featuring a planar tweeter, a first on Galaxy Buds. Take your listening experience to the next level with Galaxy AI-boosted Noise Control and real-time interpretation. See your Buds in a new light.

Ergonomically designed for supreme sound

Experience our all-new design engineered for optimal sound. Our re-imagined Galaxy Buds3 Pro feature small, angled heads for a comfortable fit and to streamline your audio experience while accented Blade Lights let you to express yourself. Highlighting the blade design is a sleek case with a transparent cover and delicate curved shape, equipped with USB-C and wireless charging capabilities.

Flawless control at your fingertips

Leave your phone in your pocket and conveniently control your earbuds by using simple gestures. Even with a swift swipe, rest assured your Galaxy Buds3 Pro stay securely in your ears.

Swipe up/down the Blade to adjust the volume.

Pinch Control
Pinch to play and pause, or pinch and hold to launch your favorite app.

Clear-cut sound in each note

Immerse yourself in the elaborate details — from the deep rumble of the bass to the clear, crisp highs of the trebles — with enhanced 2-way speaker. Hear the vibrato of instruments with minimal distortion through our first-ever dual amp.

Dual Amplifier

Powered by our first-ever, independently controlled woofer and tweeter, Galaxy Buds3 Pro diminishes interference between speakers — allowing you to experience a broader spectrum of sound and balance across various frequencies.

Enhanced 2-Way Speaker

Discover an orchestra of sound — the full-bodied bass of the cello from the woofer to the subtle tremble of strings through a planar tweeter — coming together in harmony to evoke waves of emotion and unveil the minute details that would’ve gone unnoticed.

Stunning, studio-like sound

Retain ultra high quality audio from the recording studio to your Galaxy Buds3 Pro. The Samsung Seamless Codec compresses and encodes up to 24bit / 96kHz audio. Then, decodes on the Galaxy Buds3 Pro, maintaining the 24bit / 96kHz, high-fidelity sound so you can hear the intricate details, just as it was intended.

Galaxy AI adjusts sound to your fit

Delve into your personal soundscape with Galaxy AI-assisted Adaptive EQ/Adaptive ANC. Based on individual ear shape and wearing habits, our AI-boosted algorithm analyses sound detected through the inner and outer mics in real-time. Then, Galaxy AI optimizes your listening experience by adjusting the sound to conform to your fit with pinpoint precision.

Adaptive Noise Control. Tune into what matters

Keep your Galaxy Buds3 Pro on and continue to engage with the world around you. Using Galaxy AI, Galaxy Buds3 Pro identifies and prevents unnecessary noise intuitively. Then, it optimizes your audio experience by re-adjusting the balance between ANC and Ambient mode to correspond to your surroundings. So you can listen to your favorite tunes, uninterrupted.

With Adaptive Noise Control, eliminate unwanted external noise – such as traffic, and enjoy the right mix of ANC and Ambient sound, allowing you to focus on hearing what you want to hear.

Carry on a conversation and Voice Detect will switch the ANC and Ambient sound on/off accordingly — so you can hear loud and clear without needing to take off your Galaxy Buds3 Pro.

Listen to your playlist in peace with Siren Detect. Galaxy Buds3 Pro blocks off unnecessary external noise, except for alarms and sirens, to warn you to steer clear of harm’s way.

Break language barriers at the blink of an AI

With Galaxy AI, understand the world like never before. See the translation on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, and simultaneously hear your conversation interpreted in real-time through your Galaxy Buds3 Pro. Discover what it means to be truly free of language barriers.

Jump right in with TV 360 Audio

Dive into a spatial sound experience. 360 Audio is a feature that identifies the exact direction of the sound as you tilt your head, providing surround sound for a more vivid listening and viewing experience.

PC Auto Switch keeps the synergy going

PC Auto Switch on Galaxy Buds3 Pro detects audio activity and transfers the connection to your favorite Samsung Galaxy devices, so you can work and play seamlessly.

Share your sound with those around via Auracast

With Auracast broadcast technology, share your audio stream with an unlimited number of devices. Effortlessly transform your Samsung TV, Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet into a radio source to start engaging with others.

Convenient control with just a command

Control your audio settings without needing to touch your phone. Simply say a command, such as “next song” or “volume up” and let Galaxy Buds3 Pro do the rest.

Your personalized sound sanctuary

Mindfulness comes with daily practice. At the press of a button, teleport to a worry-free world of your own with Samsung Health powered by Calm. Alleviate stress with peaceful melodies from nature, improve your focus with white noise or relax with ASMR-related for a happier, healthier you.

Play time

  • Up to 7/30h ANC Off
  • Up to 6/26h ANC On

Bluetooth V5.4

Water Resistance IP57


  • Earbuds 4.7g
  • Case 46.5g

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